Element G3.33.11-10P 10 micron


Element G3.33.11-10P 10 micron for Cummins 138627 (short), Cat 6L 7440, 1P2299, IH625627C1; Pruolator PER53, 15,39; AC TP 619- 877
GRIFFIN® G3.33.11-10P SPIN-ON STYLE REPLACEMENT ELEMENTS – Griffin Spin-on Element G3.33.11-10P element replaces S3211, FF5020, FS1214/15, FS1212/25; 185/04; Baldwin BF-970, 957, 979; Fram P1004, P1101PL, PL118
All Griffin elements feature MICROBLOC® Multi-grade Filtration Media. Griffin replacement elements have been tested to be 99.8% effective in removing water from diesel and biodiesel fuels while removing solid contaminants as small as 10 microns in size.